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Kinross Fort Knox has begun developing a project near the company’s mine and mill north of Fairbanks. Kinross officials say they hope to begin producing ore from the so-called Gil-Sourdough Project by the end of the year and continue mining it through 2023, when the company hopes to begin developing a much bigger project near Tok.

Contango Ore

Representatives of Kinross Fort Knox Gold Mine will be in Delta Junction today to talk about the Manh Choh Project, a new gold mine the company is planning to develop near Tetlin. It’s the second of three meetings the company is conducting in communities that are likely to be affected by the project.

Two people were killed in a car wreck Wednesday morning in Tok, and Alaska State Troopers suspect the driver was drinking.

Kinross Gold

The company looking to develop a new gold mine near the Eastern Alaska community of Tetlin says exploration of the site has yielded promising results. Kinross Gold, which bought a majority share of the Peak Gold project last September, is now working with communities that would be affected by the project, if the mine is developed. That includes a sharp increase in truck traffic on two highways between Tetlin and Fairbanks.

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Kinross Gold Mine officials said in an online teleconference Tuesday that work on the company’s gold prospect near Tok will resume early next year. If all goes well, they’ll haul their first load of ore to the company’s mill in Fairbanks in about three years.

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The eastern Interior town of Tok has Alaska’s first and only electric-powered school bus. The vehicle has in use since mid-October, and it was put to the test earlier this month, when it transported students without any problem after the temperature had dropped to 35 below.

Alaska Gateway School District

Local trees will continue to provide a source of low cost heat and power for the Tok School. A biomass fueled boiler, first brought on line nearly a decade ago, will benefit from a new state timber sale. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.

Denali Chamber of Commerce

Parks Highway communities around Denali National Park are celebrating today’s grand opening of the area’s first full-service grocery store. The Three Bears Grocery in Healy is the Alaska-based company’s 10th store in the state.

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

An Army Corps of Engineers contractor completed cleanup work last week at an old pump station near Delta Junction that was part of a pipeline the military used decades ago to transport gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel from Haines to bases in the Interior.

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Cleanup work began this month at a mothballed pump station near Delta Junction that was part of the old Haines to Fairbanks Pipeline. Crews will remove contaminated materials from the Timber Pump Station and two other sites that were part of an old Army-operated pipeline built in the 1950s to transport fuel to the Interior’s three military bases.