University of Alaska Fairbanks

Todd Paris / University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several prospective customers for the HAARP facility. UAF took ownership of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility in Gakona from the Air Force last summer, and as KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, there’s optimism that the station, once destined for scrap, has a future.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Members of a University of Alaska Fairbanks mountaineering class are recovering after being hit by an avalanche in the eastern Alaska Range. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the incident has raised questions about the university taking students into the back country.

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(Fairbanks, Ak.) An International seminar on extractive industries in the Arctic is happening at the University of Alaska Fairbanks this weekend. UAF history professor and seminar organizer Terrance Cole says it’s bringing together participants from numerous circumpolar nations to discuss the increasing focus on developing the Arctic’s largely untapped resources.

The general public can participate in biomedical research on animals through a first ever course at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, students will not actually handle animal subjects, but review experiments using them on line.

During a recent hike in a forested area just west of Fairbanks, Glenn Juday explains why so many of the trees are sickly.

Celebrating Salisbury

Aug 7, 2015
University of Alaska Fairbanks

A memorial event for late University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre program founder Lee Salisbury is happening tomorrow (Sat.) at U.A.F. Salisbury died in Seattle in March at the age of 87. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, a large contingent of speakers and performers plan to be on hand to celebrate Salisbury’s legacy.