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Cold Steel Pan Orchestra on Alaska "Almost" Live

Lori Neufeld

Time to forget all your cares for a few and enjoy the sounds of Trinidad with our local pan band, Cold Steel Pan Orchestra. Learn about how to become a steel pan player and where the pans came from while dancing and swaying to your favorites played on the pans. This session will lift your spirits!

Thanks to UAF's Summer Sessions and Michelle Bartlett for getting creative and filming Musc in the Garden and inviting KUAC's Lori Neufeld to the filmings to conduct interviews for Alaska "Almost" Live. Also thanks to Josh Bennett of Sound Reinforcement Specialists, James Bartlett on sound,  and Joel Parrott of Alaska Universal Productions for  the audio recordings.

Alaska Live is made possible by a generous grant from Design Alaska.

Credit Lori Neufeld
Hosting Alaska "Almost" Live pandemic-style at Music in the Garden

Lori’s love for public broadcasting runs deep. She was raised on Car Talk, Morning Edition, Adventures in Good Music with Karl Haas, and later while studying wildlife biology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, she realized that if she helped answer phones during the fund drive at KMUW, she could meet and chat with the hosts of locally produced shows.