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Alaska's Congressional Delegation Reacts to Shutdown

Fairbanks, AK - Amid Wednesday’s announcement regarding Eielson’s F-16s, Senator Lisa Murkowski expressed frustration over the current government shut down.  “Well, if it were up to the three of us, we would have it figured out.  We would have the government back to work tomorrow morning,” she said. 

Congressman Don Young says the situation is discouraging. “We have some people who really do want to continue to have the government shut down and until they feel a little pain, I don’t see any movement for a while.” Congressman Young and Senator Begich were able to make light of the situation. "I have a baseball bat here in my room," laughed Young.  "I’m going to give them each a baseball bat and go down there and figure out how we’re going to solve this problem."  Senator Begich laughed.  "And I got a deadbolt to put on the door” he replied.

All three lawmakers say they are eager to see federal employees get back to work.  Staffers in both Senator Murkowski’s and Congressman Young’s offices are still working.  Senator Begich says 75 percent of his staff has been furloughed.