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Denali Center And State Update - 4/1

Last week, 2 residents and 4 staff members at Denali Center in Fairbanks tested positive for COVID-19. The outbreak prompted the testing of all of the long-term care facility’s residents and staff, and results turned up one additional positive in a resident. Denali Center administrator Liz Woodyard shared the news during a Fairbanks Unified Incident Command press briefing Wednesday.

Woodyard said the outbreak of COVID-19 at the long term care facility has prompted serious concern at the local and state level, because of the center’s residential environment, and compromised health status of its residents.  She said protective measures put in place earlier continue to be followed.

It’s unclear if Denali Center residents and staff will be re-tested for COVID-19 over time.  Calling the situation “uncharted ground”, officials with the center’s operator: Foundation Health Partners, say re-test is the subject of active discussion with state health system colleagues.