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Orphaned Bear Cubs Taken at Prudhoe Bay

ADF&G Wildlife Conservation - Interior and Eastern Arctic Alaska

The state is trying to find a home for two orphaned bear cubs on the North Slope. State northeast Alaska area biologist Elizabeth Lenart says the young

grizzlies were captured Sunday near a hotel in Deadhorse, after oil field workers expressed concern that the 2 to 3-month old animals had been observed without their mother for several days.

Bear Cubs Orphaned: Q:”…dead bear somewhere.”

Lenart says the cubs are too young to survive on their own and had been previously observed with their mother, eating garbage in the area for about month.

Bear Cubs Garbage: Q:”…a good situation.”

Lenart says ADF&G biologists used a culvert trap to safely capture the two grizzly bear cubs, and are hoping to place them in a zoo soon.

Bear Cubs Place:  Q:”…to hear back.”

The cubs may have to be euthanized if a suitable home cannot be found.