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IFSS cancels World Championship distance event

Fairbanks, AK - The International Federation of Sled Dog Sports, or IFSS, has canceled the long distance World Championship race scheduled to take place in March. 

IFSS was hoping to make use of a 200 mile race course maintained by the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association.  But after a dispute between the two groups over race rules and a list of banned substances, the Dog Mushers Association opted to sever ties with IFSS.  As a result, IFSS canceled the race.  Officials did not return phone calls for comment. It’s unclear if the organization was unable to host the event on its own.

Other World Championship events will continue as planned.   The Two Rivers 200 will also continue as planned.

In a press release, IFSS said they are working with the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association.   It is unclear whether IFSS plans to change race rules or anti-doping regulations.

The 2013 IFSS World Championship is hosted by the North Pole Economic Development Corporation.