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Scott Smith

  • Braeburn, YK - Frigid weather set in across Canada’s Yukon this week. Mushers who left the start line of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race…
  • Fairbanks, AK - The top three rookies in this year’s Yukon Quest have all crossed the finish line. They all appeared pleased with their runs, but slightly…
  • Brent Sass in Eagle.jpg
    Mushers Dig into Bag of Tricks as Race Picks Up
    Eagle, AK - The top five teams are headed for Circle City. It’s the next stop on the Yukon Quest trail. The race course follows a similar route used in…
  • Scott Smith.jpg
    Three, Four and Five Gun for a Win
    The Yukon Quest trail into Alaska is covered in deep, fresh snow. And the Yukon River is a maze of jumble ice. It’s where dog teams are headed next. The…