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Angela and Todd's Rock 'n Country ExtravaKanzler

Jeff Kanzler, guitar with Nathan May, electric guitar and Travis Burrows on drums and George Gianakopoulos on bass

Country and roots musicians Jeff Kanzler and Todd Grebe are no strangers to the Alaska music scene. They put together their bands from the best Alaska country and bluegrass musicians for this Alaska Live gig plus more tour stops over the holiday break. All originals in this session from two bands.

Todd Grebe, guitar with Connor McMannamin, bass and vocal harmonies with Beth Chrisman and Angela Odean

Lori’s love for public broadcasting runs deep. She was raised on Car Talk, Morning Edition, Adventures in Good Music with Karl Haas, and later while studying wildlife biology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, she realized that if she helped answer phones during the fund drive at KMUW, she could meet and chat with the hosts of locally produced shows.