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Local Fairbanks act, Harm, is a collective of musicians that have been featured in other projects over the years, but have now come together to showcase a mirage of musical talent that is truly unbound by typical genre standards. The band consists of six current members, with a seventh, Annie Bartholomew,  contributing from a distance as she finishes an NPR internship in Washington D.C.

Rebecca File takes command with lead vocals, banjo and harmonium. Molly McDermott, Jack Ewers and Jon Heintz complete the string component  with cello, guitar and stand-up bass respectfully. Laila O'Sullivan adds harmonizing vocals and clarinet accents. Lastly, the backbone of Harm comes from Heather Warren's beat boxing. Harm's lyrical content is also derived from Warren's poems curated over the last few years.

Lori Neufeld and Harm conversed about the band's beginnings, current ambitions, and future plans. Harm played a number of originals as long as one cover by French-Cuban sister-duo, Ibeyi.

Lori’s love for public broadcasting runs deep. She was raised on Car Talk, Morning Edition, Adventures in Good Music with Karl Haas, and later while studying wildlife biology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, she realized that if she helped answer phones during the fund drive at KMUW, she could meet and chat with the hosts of locally produced shows.