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Denali Park Road Repaired Again at Pretty Rocks

Mary Lewandowski
National Park Service

A landslide-plagued stretch of the road into Denali National Park has been repaired again. The area known as Pretty Rocks in Polychrome Pass is the location of chronic sloughing caused by climate

change, and National Park Service spokesperson Pete Christian says damage done since last season was again severe.

"It had dropped about 21 feet, so quite a big drop. At one point there, the slide, before things were frozen solid, was sliding over two inches per day. So, multiply that over months. We estimate between they moved between 4,000 and 4,500 cubic yards of fill to bring the road up to grade. The road is now ready for summer traffic.”

Christian emphasizes that the section of road will require maintenance throughout the season and says the NPS is going to be working with the Federal Highway Administration this summer to develop some more permanent fix ideas.