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Walker, Candidate for Governor, Announces New Plan to Address Interior Energy Costs

Fairbanks, AK - Alaska Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker says the cost of energy is his top priority.  During a candidate forum Tuesday, Walker announced his plans to address energy immediately if he is elected Governor in November.  “Governor Parnell has had six years to bring down the cost of energy we need an immediate plan a mid-term plan and along term plan," Walker told the crowd. "The first thing I’ll do as governor I will issue a declaration of disaster on the cost of energy in in Interior and rural Alaska.”

Walker says he got the idea from former US Senator Ted Stevens. “I’m saying exactly what Ted Stevens said it when he said if he were Governor, he would issue a disaster declaration and he would build a gasline based upon a declaration of disaster so we could do right-of ways and certain things we can’t do not in a disaster.”

It’s not entirely clear whether a disaster declaration would make cities like Fairbanks eligible for state, and federal assistance. Walker says a disaster declaration “adds a tool to the Governor’s tool box.”

It sets a tone.  It sets a tone.  It sets a priority and tone," Walker says. "I want my administration to recognize the Governor has declared a disaster on the cost of energy in the state. It’s going to move my administration to recognize that that is the highest priority for me.”

Walker says he believes a declaration will make a difference because it will bring great attention to the cost of energy in the region.