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An Alaska Native woman who grew up in the Interior is running for mayor of Seattle. Colleen Echohawk heads a Seattle nonprofit that helps and heals indigenous people in need by affirming their cultural identity while providing housing and job training. She says the holistic approach could be applied to uplift all the people of Seattle.

Anchorage, AK - An effort to decrease reliance on diesel fuel in Alaska’s remote villages by up to 75 percent is in the early stages of development at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory based in Colorado. During a speech at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention last week, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Mike Connor announced an additional 400-thousand dollars in funding.  

Anchorage, AK - In an address to the Alaska Federation of Natives over the weekend, US Senator Lisa Murkowski called for improvements to the tribal justice system in the state of Alaska. “We can start by ensuring that there is justice for the Fairbanks Four," said the Senator. 

It’s unclear what role the Murkowski can play in a review of the Fairbanks Four case.  Last week, Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart told the convention he supports a review of the case at the federal level.

Anchroage, AK - Fairbanks City Mayor John Eberhart addressed close to 3000 people Thursday during the opening remarks at this year’s Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.


This year’s theme is ‘Rise as One.’ Eberhart offered his opinion on what that might mean.


GOTNV Makes Big Push Prior To November Election

Oct 13, 2014

Fairbanks, AK - Over the last few months, the non-partisan ‘Get Out the Native Vote’ has made a big push to mobilize native voters across the Alaska.  Roughly one in five potential voters in the state is Alaska Native.

For as long as she can remember, Sarah Obed has been heavily involved in the election process.

“In fact, I was in the Peace Corps in a remote island in the south pacific and I voted absentee so yes, I provide myself on my voting history," laughs Obed.