Lance Mackey

Mackey Comeback

Dec 7, 2018
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Lance Mackey is registered for the 2019 Iditarod. The 4 time Iditarod and Yukon Quest winner from Fairbanks has had a few rough years since his run of championships ended in 2010. A cancer survivor approaching 50, some might have assumed Mackey was done with long distance mushing, but as KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the former champ is making another comeback.

Thursday Cancer Story, Lance Mackey

Apr 23, 2015

2015 Yukon Quest Mushers Celebrate at Awards Banquet

Feb 23, 2015

Fairbanks, AK - Mushers, fans and member of the race organization gathered for the 2015 Yukon Quest awards banquet Saturday Night. It was a night to share stories, reflect on this year’s race and recognize exemplary performance.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

  Eagle, AK - There are fewer miles between the top two mushers and the Yukon Quest finish line in Fairbanks than there are between the leaders and the current red lantern team. A few mushers at the back of the pack have become travel companions and there just may be a race for the red lantern brewing.

There’s no question that Kristin Knight-Pace’s sled is huge. “My sled bag is pretty small,” she said. “It’s something I learned a little too late and also all the zippers are broken so it’s being held together with tug lines.”

Julien Schroder / Yukon Quest

Pelly Crossing, YK - Along the Yukon Quest trail, Mushers experience all kinds of highs and lows. Sometimes their dog teams cruise. At other times a rough trail and harsh weather can make even the toughest musher question why they signed up for he race.

In the last three days, almost every musher has had something to say about the persistent deep cold that has settled in over the Yukon. “None of us had thermometers with us because none of us wanted thermometers with us,” said musher Matt Hall.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

Fairbanks, AK - Over the weekend, veterinarians looked over the sled dogs that will run the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race in both Fairbanks and Whitehorse. They wanted to make sure the dogs were healthy, well-fed and ready to race on the 1000 mile trail.

Inside a large warehouse, veterinarian Nina Hansen checks the paws and teeth and listens to the heart beats of sled dogs.

Mushers Get Wet on their Way to Iditarod

Mar 8, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Weather was forecast to turn sour quickly over the Iditarod trail, but it didn't materialize Thursday.  Teams waited out a hot midday sun between Takotna and Iditarod Thursday.  As mushers heated food outside a tiny cabin in the old abandoned town of Iditarod, they talked of warm temperatures and trail conditions ahead.

Mushers Drop Lead Dogs to Save Their Races

Mar 7, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Takotna, AK - As Iditarod teams spread out on the trail, lead dogs will start to prove themselves.  It’s up to mushers to make sure their leaders remain healthy at the front of the team.  But that’s no small feat.

The wind picked up along the Takotna River as Aaron Peck blew through the checkpoint.  Peck is coming off a 24 hour rest in McGrath.  He’s pleased with his lead dogs. "They’re both three years old, so they’re just entering their prime and loving the trip,” he says.

Emily Schwing / KUAC

McGrath, AK - The community of McGrath waved goodbye to more mushers than it welcomed in overnight.  Iditarod teams buzzed in and out of the checkpoint all night long.  It was clear the first few teams in and out of the checkpoint were all in chase mode.

Setting Up for the Iditarod's Required Layover

Mar 6, 2013
Emily Schwing / KUAC

Takotna, AK - Three days into the Iditarod, the race is still anyone’s game. And the mushers are keeping it interesting this year. Martin Buser completed his 24 hour layover early in the race. Lance Mackey and Sonny Linder appear to be embracing the opposite strategy...  making their way down the trail to the Iditarod Checkpoint, which is also the official half way marker in the race.  But many of the veteran mushers decided to stick to a plan they know, resting in the popular village of Takotna.