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Lawyers representing the Delta Wind Farm are asking state regulators to deny a tariff filed by Golden Valley Electric Association that argues the utility should not be required to buy more power from the wind farm. It’s the latest in a years-long dispute between the owner of the wind farm, who wants to expand his facility, and GVEA’s board and management, who say the co-op can’t integrate more wind power now
without incurring costs that would be passed along to ratepayers.

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Golden Valley Electric Association’s top executive says members should prepare for rate hikes to pay for GVEA’s response to new pollution controls on powerplants that the federal government announced today. The new rule will be phased in over the coming years in an effort to cut powerplants’ production of climate-changing greenhouse gases by about a third.

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Golden Valley Electric Association is scheduled to lose one of its biggest customers this week – the Flint Hills Resources refinery in North Pole. But GVEA is working on plans to hook up another industrial customer next year that will buy nearly as much electricity as the refinery.


Officials with Golden Valley Electric Association have reached a deal with the parent company of Petro Star refinery in North Pole to buy fuel for a North Pole power plant that won’t be available from the Flint Hills Resources refinery when it shuts down in two weeks. GVEA ratepayers may see the impact of that deal on their monthly bills sometime after July 1st.

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Unlike the big crowds of the past two years, the turnout was relatively sparse at Golden Valley Electric Association’s annual members meeting Wednesday night in Fairbanks.

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Updated: Wind-power developer Mike Craft convinced state regulators this week to consider changing rules on how Alaska utilities deal with independent energy producers, especially the system used to pay the independent producers for the electricity they produce for the grid. Craft says the changes are needed to get the utilities to comply with state law that requires utilities to buy power from independent producers and sets a goal of generating half of the state’s electricity with renewables by 2025. He also hopes it’ll enable him to develop a 25-megawatt wind farm near Delta Junction and sell the power to GVEA.

Fairbanks, AK - During an address at Georgetown University Tuesday, President Barack Obama called on the Environmental Protection Agency to draw up new rules for emission restrictions on existing coal fired power plants across the country.  But the President did not outline what he expects the new rules to look like.

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Delta Wind Farm developer Mike Craft is ratcheting up pressure on Golden Valley Electric Association’s board and management, threatening them with legal action to force them to buy more wind-generated power – which they say state law requires.


Golden Valley Electric Association’s $90 million wind farm near Healy is finally fully up and running. And GVEA ratepayers will start paying off the tab for the Eva Creek Wind Project next summer. 

Golden Valley Electric Association ratepayers could begin making payments on the $84 million loan to build the Eva Creek Wind Farm in December – if state regulators approve the utility’s request.  GVEA has asked the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to approve the its proposal to begin recovering Eva Creek costs through the surcharge beginning with bills that go out in December.