Polaris Building

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The Fairbanks City Council unanimously adopted a resolution Monday that may finally signal the beginning of the end of the old and decrepit Polaris Hotel building downtown.

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The Fairbanks City Council took a big step Monday toward taking over ownership of the old Polaris Building – a step that Mayor Jim Matherly hopes will lead to demolition of the contaminated and condemned downtown structure.

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Officials with a group formed to find a way to demolish the old, abandoned Polaris Hotel in Downtown Fairbanks say they’ve come up with a way to finally accomplish that goal. Organizers say they’ve raised more than half of the amount of money they need to carry out a plan to foreclose on the property so they can knock down the crumbling, contaminated building.

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A federal study details contamination inside a deteriorating downtown Fairbanks landmark.

Polaris On Hold, Again

Jun 1, 2017
Dan Bross / KUAC

The Fairbanks City Council is back to square one on a plan to demolish the deteriorating Polaris Hotel. The long vacant downtown high rise is plagued by mold, asbestos and other issues, but as KUAC’s Robert Hannon reports, a city plan to acquire the building and take it down has suffered a setback.

City Ponders Polaris

Apr 25, 2017
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The fate of the Polaris building drew public testimony at a Fairbanks City Council last night, as an ordinance to keep the long vacant downtown high rise under city control was considered. As KUAC’s Robert Hannon reports, many who addressed the council spoke against plans to demolish the neglected former hotel.

Aaron Berner

Fairbanks, AK - A long ailing downtown Fairbanks high rise has suffered another insult.  A large banner hung from the upper reaches of the eleven-story Polaris Building was torn down by vandals over the weekend.

There’s new hope that a derelict downtown Fairbanks landmark can be spared the wrecking ball.  The Polaris building is facing condemnation, but as KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, it’s Anchorage based owner isn’t giving up.

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Fairbanks city mayoral candidates John Eberhardt and Vivian Stiver answered questions at a Downtown Association sponsored forum last (Mon.) night. The session, held outside in a windswept Golden Heart Plaza, was back dropped by the Polaris Building, and the future of the long vacant high rise was a primary topic. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.

Polaris Gets Extension

May 7, 2013
Dan Bross

The city of Fairbanks is giving the owner of the Polaris Building more time to advance a plan to renovate the vacant and deteriorating downtown high rise. KUAC’s Dan Bross reports.