Delta Junction

Five Delta Junction-area residents who attended a recent birthday party have contracted COVID-19. All five report having minor symptoms, and they’ve all been asked to isolate.

Delta Greely School District

Four new cases of COVID-19 in Delta Junction were reported by local authorities over the weekend, including one involving a person at the local elementary school.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

A Delta Junction-based organization is cleaning up junk from an area around the town’s old dumpsite to clear the way for construction of a new park. The Delta Junction Trails Association’s proposed River Walk Park would offer locals and visitors stunning views of the eastern Alaska Range and serve as a hub to a communitywide network of trails.

City of Delta Junction

Delta Junction city officials have temporarily closed the town’s library because one of the workers was in proximity to a person who later tested positive for COVID-19.


May 19, 2020

05-19-20 12:30 PM newscast

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Warm weather has triggered rapid melting of last winter’s above-average snowfall, and that’s caused some serious flooding in communities around the Interior. Delta Junction-area first-responders helped more than 15 families whose homes were flooded. And with even warmer temperatures in the forecast for the coming week, volunteers have begun filling 10-thousand sandbags to divert flooding from Delta-area homes and businesses.


Apr 27, 2020

04-27-20 8:30 AM newscast

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Delta Junction-area first responders and health-care providers have formed an organization to oversee the community’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Delta COVID-19 Incident Management Team helps emergency services and local governments coordinate efforts to keep the coronavirus from spreading in the area – and to help control the local rumor mill.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

The head of the U.S. Census Bureau stopped by Delta Junction Thursday as part of a tour around the state to encourage Alaskans to participate in the 2020 Census.

Alaska Division of Forestry

Firefighters mopped up the remains of a 250-acre wildfire Sunday that busted out two days earlier in a largely residential area near Delta Junction.