Delta Junction

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The head of the U.S. Census Bureau stopped by Delta Junction Thursday as part of a tour around the state to encourage Alaskans to participate in the 2020 Census.

Alaska Division of Forestry

Firefighters mopped up the remains of a 250-acre wildfire Sunday that busted out two days earlier in a largely residential area near Delta Junction.

Pleistocene Park

Apr 27, 2018
Pleistocene Park

A dozen bison from Interior Alaska are set to be transported to Siberia, as part of a geo engineering project. As KUAC’s Dan Bross reports, the bison are central to an experiment to see if herd animals can help protect permafrost from the warming climate.

Tim Ellis/KUAC

Fort Greely and Delta Junction celebrated the Alaska Highway’s 75th anniversary Saturday – and one of the soldiers who helped build it. Gov. Bill Walker and other state and local leaders attended a tribute to 96-year-old Leonard Larkins, one of more than 3,000 African-American soldiers who helped build the highway.

U.S. Army/University of Alaska Archives

Fort Greely and Delta Junction officials are planning a daylong celebration next month to mark the 75th anniversary of the construction of the Alaska Highway and Allen Army Airfield. The June 3rd event will emphasize the role of African-American soldiers who helped build the highway.

Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce

Seventy-five years ago, the U.S. Army began work on a road to connect the far-flung territory of Alaska to the continental United States. This week, the town at the end of that road, Delta Junction, will consider a proposal to celebrate the Alaska Highway’s 75th anniversary. Organizers of a statewide effort to commemorate the anniversary say the highway represents an important historical achievement and a breakthough in race relations.

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City of Delta Junction officials are worried about the rising cost of operating the city’s landfill. And they’re  wondering what happened to the 400 tons of trash they were expecting to be dumped there.

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Alaska State Troopers say a man was killed and his companion was injured when they were buried in an avalanche Saturday evening while skiing near Isabel Pass.

Delta News Web

Delta Junction-area volunteers completed repairs last week to a gazebo at the city cemetery that was damaged by vandals two weeks ago. The volunteers who rebuilt the structure say their work was a show of community solidarity.

A Fairbanks broadcasting company’s plan to build a television-translator tower in Delta Junction is on hold now that residents of the area where it would be built say they don’t want it in their neighborhood. They say they weren’t told of the project, and that it shouldn’t be built in a residential area.